Parker Hose Assemblies

To make a Parker Hose assembly at Ramsay Welding & Machine Inc.

make Hoses

What we need to know to build you a hose assembly is the following:

R Rating

The "R" rating for the Hose.
The picture shows a 5000 psi hose with a R rating of 100R13 and the Size is #16 or 1 inch hose

The most common hose assembly in Parker hose is a 2 Wire Parker 302 hose.
It has a PSI Rating of 4000 psi and the Industrial (R) Rating is 2.
The "R" Rating is usually listed with a "100" in front of it.
100R2 is 2 wire hose.
100R12 is 4 wire hose.

typical Hose R Ratings on Parker Hose.

  • The R rating for Suction Hose is R4.
  • The R rating for 2-wire hose is R2.
  • The R rating for 4-wire hose is R12.
  • The R rating for 6-wire hose 5000 psi is R13.
  • The R rating for 6-wire hose 6000 psi is R15.
  • There is usually a number in front of it like 100R12, 100R13 or 100R15.

Hose is sized by converting a inch measurement to a numerical size.

  • 1/4" is #4
  • 3/8" is #6
  • 1/2" is #8
  • 5/8" is #10
  • 3/4" is #12
  • 7/8" is #14
  • 1" is #16
  • 1-1/4" is #20
  • 1-1/2" is #24
  • 2" is #32

Braided Hose

To identify 2-Wire Hose the wire in the hose is woven (Braided).

Wound Hose

To identify 4-Wire and 6-wire Hose the wire in the hose is wound.

Diff Fittings

  • We need to know what type of fittings are on each end of the hose.
    From Left to Right, is it Pipe, Jic, Flat Face (ORS) or Flange.
  • There are several types of flange fittings, code 61, code 62 and Catipillar.
    All are determined by measuring across the Face of the flange and
    the thickness of the fitting to determine the size and type of flange.
    Volvo, Kobelco, Kamatsu all have their own types of fittings. Make sure to tell us what the machine is the hose assembly is off of.

  • Next, identify the fittings as Straight, 45 or 90 Degree.
    Some machines like CAT have fittings that are 22 and 60 degree also.

Hose Assembly

  • Measure the hose from the Top of the Fitting's collar to the Top of the Fitting's collar.
  • What is the make and model on the machine. Include all Numbers and Letters in Model.

All this information will help us provide you with the correct Hose assembly.

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