Our Shop

This is our Steel Room where we store Steel Flat Bar, Angle Iron,
Channel Iron, Square Tubing, Hydraulic Tube, Chrome Rod,
Round Rod, and Aluminum Flatbar, Angle Iron,and Square Tubing.
The equipment used the most in the steel room is this Hy-Mech Saw.


This Iron Worker can punch holes and
cut Flatbar and Angle Iron.


Our Hydraulic Sheer will cut Steel Plate
to 3/8" thick.

Lathe work at Ramsay Welding and Machine Inc.
is second to none. These Guys have the expertise to do the job right the first time.


Besides the milling machine there is 3 more
Lathes along that wall. All ready to go.


In this picture we have a Cylinder work Station
with a Lathe and Hydraulic Wrench.

Need to get something big milled.

This Machine will drill 3" holes in 4" thick Plate.

This is the Welding, Fabrication Side of the Shop.

In these Pictures we have a 10ft Hand Brake that will bend up to 16ga sheet metal.
The other is our hydraulic Brake which will bend up to 1/2 Plate.

While Ramsay's has been doing CNC cutting for some time now.
The purchase of a new CNC table with gas and plasma cutting
options allows us to expand what we can cut and do a better job.


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