Nuts & Bolts Selection at Ramsay Welding & Machine Inc.

Heavy Nuts

Ramsay Welding has in stock one of the few large nut Inventories in the State of Maine.

We stock a good selection of the large jam and lock nuts, from 1-1/8” to 3”, in fine thread and some in course thread.

Special Bolts

Ramsay Welding stocks allen head bolts in metric and USS sizes, in course and fine thread. We also stock plow blade bolts 7/16 to 7/8in in diameter. Need an extra hard bolt for the Turntable on your Crane or Excavator! We stock ¾-10 x 2 to ¾-10 x 3-1/2. Need something different for special applications let us know and we will determine the minimum order size and the freight cost to see if we can stock that for you.

How about bolts for Harvester Saw Teeth. We carry the 1x 4-1/2 grade 8 bolt for the Tigercat teeth , down to the 5/8 x 2-1/4 bolt for the Koehring Saw Teeth. You need replacement bolts for the track pads. We carry both the 3/4in and 20mm track pad bolts and nuts. Ramsay’s Welding always has Grade 8 and grade 5 bolts in stock! We carry 3/8 to 1-1/4 bolts in Grade 8 and ¼ to 7/8 bolts in grade 5. If you have special bolts or hardware you need we’ll try to stock those for you also.

Bolts and Nuts! Yes, we have them, on the shelves, ready to sell.

Grade 5, Grade 8 Metric 10.9 and Socket Head Cap Screw

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