Cylinder Repair at Ramsay Welding & Machine Inc.

Older Equipment with obsolete hydraulic cylinders are no problem. We can build most kits from scratch for a lot less than your OEM dealer can sell it to you. Ramsay Welding & Machine Inc. can repair the rod or bore on most cylinders, even if the specs are obsolete or metric. Our new expansion into Metric Cylinder Tube and rod stock allows us to meet most Cylinder rebuilding requirements

We can fix almost any type of Hydraulic Cylinder

Ramsay Welding can repack or rebuild almost any USS or Metric Hydraulic Cylinder.
Looking for someone to rebuild that Telescopic dump Cylinder we can do that also. Here at Ramsay Welding we stock most of the USS and METRIC cylinder seals and other packing needed to rebuild up to a 8 cylinder. We stock several kits for the most common telescopic dump cylinders. Ramsay Welding does stock aftermarket Cylinder Kits for John Deere, Prentice loaders, and Timberjack Equipment. We approach Cylinder repair in a different fashion. We stock all the different size O-rings, Seals, and Wear rings individually, that way we can build your kit from scratch.

This keeps your cost at a minimum and allows us to rebuild
those obsolete or foreign cylinders that no one else carries kits for.

Hydraulic Cylinders We have repaired

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